Memory Tune™ Course


You are serious about improving your memory. You want to be the one who remembers names, birthdays, where things are and whether the doors are locked!

Memory Tune™ gives you the skills:

  • It’s a guided online course
  • Designed for the 50+ age group
  • Lasts for seven weeks, twice a week (you can do them to suit you)
  • Gives you the skills and practice you need, step-by-step
  • Is surprisingly easy to do
  • Has been clinically trialled showing improvements in EVERY skill
  • Is monitored by memory specialist, Dr Allison Lamont
  • Memory Tune™ is receiving fantastic feedback from customers!

In Memory Tune™, you will learn:

  • In-depth exercises to master the habits you need
  • Everyday practice applying the techniques you learn
  • Enough knowledge to ensure you understand what’s happening in your brain
  • Lifestyle factors and strategies to support your brain
  • Confidence in your own memory ability
  • Skills to pass on to others

And, of course, you’ll also have:
30 day money back guarantee

  • On-going support and personal interest from Dr. Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie
  • Printed version also available.
  • Your hassle-free, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Your own youthful memory!

Note: Price is in New Zealand dollars
(It will be less in other currencies)


Did you know (on average) you spend 7 precious minutes a day (on average) worrying about things you have forgotten?

That word, a phone number, a name, where you left your glasses . . . Put those minutes to good use! Learn how to banish forgetfulness. Right Now.

Memory Tune Course clinical trial results show remarkable improvements

Memory Tune Course clinical trial results

Memory Tune™ is the solution
Does it work? YES!
See the pilot clinical trial results. After JUST SEVEN WEEKS, look at the improvements! (The dark blue bars show the results). These results can be yours, too.

We are often asked:
I have done your free Brain Tune™ course. So, is there any point in doing this one?

Of course there is!
The free, mini- course was just a taster for the in-depth programme.

Did you know?

Research says you need 15 hours, over 8 weeks, to create a new habit.

We want YOU to succeed.

Your best chance of success is a combination of the online training along with the printed handbook.

The online emails bring you extra practice, tips and giveaways – and they ensure that you get the graded practice over time that you need.

For all of this training, you would expect the price to be several hundred dollars – and we have been told that is what it should be. However, we are so keen to have everyone with confident memory skills for independent living in older age, we have kept the price to the bare minimum – just $97.00NZD

Start the premium course,  Memory Tune™. NOW.  (You can have a print version if you prefer. Just let Gillian know –

 Memory Tune™ stands out from other online training material because it is written by an experienced educator and trainer and by a leading neuro-science expert.

You have absolute security with our 30 Day, 100%, No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee

There is no risk to you because, if for any reason you’re not happy with what you find, you have our complete guarantee to protect your investment.

Now if you’re tempted to invest in this powerful course but are worried that it might not be right for you… That’s OK, we understand – we know there are a lot of over over-hyped courses out on the internet, written by amateurs …so let us take all the risk…

We are so 100% sure that Memory Tune™ works, we want to give you the opportunity to begin growing your youthful, alert memory today.

Get Memory Tune™ now and if you don’t agree that these strategies can help you gain better results in life, simply email us and we will refund your payment within 30 days of your purchase.

Yes, you read this right! Don’t decide without seeing if Memory Tune™ CAN change your life.
Try it in the online version for 30 days RISK FREE.

That’s a fair offer, don’t you agree?Gillian Eadie

If you have any questions contact Gillian at

Would you like us to give you a call about the courses? Just send Gillian an email with how to contact you so we can discuss your personal progress plan and what will be best for you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

4 reviews for Memory Tune™ Course

  1. Colin

    I am getting better at remembering people’s names and basically I think my brain was getting lazy in retirement. I think the course was a much needed wake up call.

  2. Margaret

    Your books and courses are so full of hints and how-to’s that I have made good strides towards improving my memory. I am 76 years and the improvements and confidence I have gained are huge. Thanks for giving me my life back. I’m no longer a wallflower. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Frank

    I felt for me to benefit from the Memory Tune I needed to read it through each day to remind me again of how to remember different aspects. By consolidating each module that was sent it helped to be able to practice it in every day situations. So to remember this I needed to go over the tasks frequently. I found then too that I was better able to retain the activity to my advantage.

  4. John H

    I think the ‘Memory Tunes’ course is brilliant.

    The material has been carefully thought through providing a balance of information, stimulation and user friendliness. As I have learned and practiced what I can do to help me remember names, appointments etc., I have found myself with a new general feeling of alertness.

    ‘Memory Tunes’ is life-enriching!

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