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How Silence will Boost your Brain.

The research results are in! When it comes to helping the brain, silence really is golden! That's the kind of silence where there is no sound - just mindfulness. As attributed to the philosopher, Pythagoras: “Listen and you will be wise; the beginning of wisdom is...

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Is being ‘Mindful’ a Fad?

Remember when meditation was viewed with mild suspicion? Slightly ‘left of centre’? And for hippy types from the 60s? All that has changed.   Research now confirms what wisdom traditions have known all along: Meditation is good for your brain, body and emotional...

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“I’ve Got a Bad Back!”

It’s a rare person who hasn’t uttered these words at some time or another. Our long-suffering lower back can get a bit grumpy when we’ve not treated it well. How does this pain happen?  Too much bending forward - as in gardening, Lifting or twisting awkwardly Spending...

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“Thank you” to both of you, Gillian and Dr Lamont for all you are and for all you do to assist us in “keeping the focus” and for also staying in touch with me personally over these several years.

As a Senior Model, I am often called upon to memorize scripts for commercials and your work has so enriched my abilities and provided me with much more confidence when I get before the cameras. I also come from a long line of women who are known for their “forgetfulness” and I have learned the secrets as to just why this is so from reading the lessons you have provided for me.

Barbara Farrell, Actor & Senior Model, Florida

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