The Aircycle is an inflatable exerciser; it enables you to easily and gently exercise your feet, legs, and hands from a sitting position without weight bearing activity.

It’s light to carry so you can take it with you wherever you go. Just inflate it, place it in front of you while you sit at your desk or watching TV, and step your way to health.

Just press your feet onto each air filled pillow in alternating motions just like riding a bicycle!

Fully washable, the Aircycle is the most comfortable exercise tool you’ll ever find.


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The Aircycle is proven to reduce pain and discomfort and help you remain active.

The Aircycle is will:
• Reduce Pain from Arthritis
• Reduce Swollen Ankles
• Symptoms of Arthritis, Diabetic Feet, Parkinson’s and MS
• Boost Circulation
• Cramps and Restless Legs
• Build Strength and Improve Balance and Joint Flexibility
This is what users have to say about the Aircycle:

“By using the Aircycle I can enjoy life. It helps to relieve the pain from my arthritic hip, some days I now have little pain or problems. Thank you” – Barbara, Gisborne
“We cannot speak too highly of the benefit my wife has received from the Aircycle which she will continue to use while sitting in the car, having a meal, reading a book etc. It is so easy” – Jack Kingston, Auckland