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Healthy Memory Company Ltd
Hi-Tech Launch finalist

CDC Hi-Tech

Healthy Memory Company Ltd was selected as one of 8 companies to benefit from the Canterbury Development Corporation’s fully-funded launch programme for entrepreneurial start-up companies.  This was Memory Foundation’s introduction to creating their on-line business. 2008.

Runner-Up $100K Challenge

458 companies competed in this six-month challenge in 2010. Healthy Memory Company Ltd won through each milestone,  pitched to a Dragons’ Den group and emerged with $10,000 start-up funding plus three months’ business incubation with The IceHouse.

Finalist, Investment Challenge

Finalist, Investment Challenge

One of ten finalists in Unlimited Magazine’s pitch competition, 2011. After several rounds of the competition, Healthy Memory Company Ltd was selected as one of six ‘Best of the Best’ companies chosen from the whole of New Zealand. These six were asked to present to Innovest NZ, the annual conference for venture capitalists.

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