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9 Habits for a Long Life

Somewhere in the remote Nicoyan peninsula of Costa Rica, a 101-year-old great-great-grandmother has already cleared brush, chopped wood and made tortillas from scratch – all before you have finished reading your morning newspaper. And here’s the best part:... read more

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“Thank you” to both of you, Gillian and Dr Lamont for all you are and for all you do to assist us in “keeping the focus” and for also staying in touch with me personally over these several years.

As a Senior Model, I am often called upon to memorize scripts for commercials and your work has so enriched my abilities and provided me with much more confidence when I get before the cameras. I also come from a long line of women who are known for their “forgetfulness” and I have learned the secrets as to just why this is so from reading the lessons you have provided for me.

Barbara Farrell, Actor & Senior Model, Florida

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